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5 Reasons Why People Join The Military

Military-Career-GuideIt’s not easy to keep living with guns. This is the reason parents discourage their children’s decision for joining the military. Still those who join  insist a feeling  which is what they call “call of duty.”However researchers have identified that people who willingly join the military have mixed sentiments,reasons and emotions than ordinary people. All together, they compromise what seems to be the most diversified grounds for getting into the battlefield and fight for honor.
Here are list of 5 amazing  reasons why people  join the military.

1. Financial reasons:The most intriguing reason people join the military is due to the compensation and bonuses which they receive in the downline.

The reason behind the this high pay job is that the military has actually been facing a decrease in the recruitment program.That’s why they  increased the salaries and bonuses.

As a result of these benefits in place,the type of people the military wants to recruit are the college students and  high schoolers who are home schooled.

With these benefits given by the military, who would resist such offers?

2. A test of one’s courage:Working in the military is like playing a daring game.Here people get the chance of proving their own guts and courage. Some say it’s basically  a man thing. others say it’s duty

3. Good citizenship:Some believe the reason why people like you and me join the military is that they want to prove to our mostly loved country that they are responsible and good citizens and that they are here to defend the homeland for as long as they can.The problem is that there is no turning back.

4. A good career:People join the military to have an overall good career.They start with training,go to mission,return home and finally gets the government benefits.The flow of the total system can be very much repaying if they can make it back alive form a war like Iraq.

5. Pride:There are some people who have passion for being a soldier.With the badges on their uniform they can take pride on themselves as a result for proving their usefulness to their country.

For those who are still trying to join the military for reasons which are not included here,I can give one advice for them ‘just think twice before you make an act’.Because there is more than meets the eye.

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Pentagon Will Build Aircraft Carrier Up In The Sky


Pentagon’s core  research division is trying to find out about a flying ‘aircraft carrier’ carrying a fleet of aerial drones and how much it might cost the government.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced it is going to launch a competition for researchers proposals to build a big aircraft like a C-130 which will be able to carry and launch aerial drones on a large landscape. DARPA officials said they are looking for proposals for a total system which will be able to launch the drones and also regroup them amid flight.Officials are expecting to collect the  proposals to start an official DARPA project for this system.

Deploying airstrikes with large aircraft is costly and risky for the human pilot at the same time. That’s why the Pentagon wants to  approach something more efficient and safe that would increase the range of unmanned drones by carrying them to combat zones by a piloted aircraft.

“We want to find ways to make smaller aircraft more effective, and one promising idea is enabling existing large aircraft, with minimal modification, to become ‘aircraft carriers in the sky’,” said Dan Patt, DARPA program manager.


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